Add Norton Ghost 11.5.1 to Windows 10 Boot Menu Entry


I am the guy who still love the old school of backing up Windows by Norton Ghost. I know that it old, it weak,… but I still love it a lot, because at the time it support command line, as an IT Help-Desk, I use Norton Ghost 11.5 to maintain a lot of Computer in my workplace and home smoothly.

Now, when Windows 10 rises up, as a sight of the time of old school has come. Thist tuttorial just for Windows on computer with MBR (Master Boot Record) hard drive only. If you use GPT or UEFI, you should try another software or use the latest version of EaseBCD.


The goal of this tuttorial is, instead of when booting Windows, at the start screen, we will have a two Choices option. One for Boot by Windows and another is Boot by Norton Ghost 11.5.1 (to backup or restore)

You will see it very easy to use. Great software.


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