Alicopter "#1 Alistar NA" Montage | Best Alistar Plays


Alicopter Montage 2019 – Best of Alicopter (NA Alistar Main)
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  1. 0:46 am i the only that is watching an alistar staying still and not helping? Maybe i am allucinating. The play is good later on but not good if you arent gonna u know… support?

  2. I play pretty much just like this dude, but he has better control with W and incorporate flash in his combos. What I find really good on Alistar is Predator boots and overall movement items Shurelia/Redemption pretty much everything Alistar needs. And Exhaust seems to be better IMO, especially late game when ADC`s start to deal shit loads of dmg, Exhaust is better than Ignite..

  3. Alistar can 1:23 first blood in the mid lane lvl 2 or lvl 3 haha your alistar is so good brother your spirit of happiness is the most key of alistar ,support killer ,setter ,mid /carry full burst ap, pure tank,great escape and counter set ..

  4. Flash juke? Ahhah. Main alistar here high level mastery in the philippines hahah one thing i can share alicopter just keep laughing hahahahah just enjoy the power of alistar

  5. honestly theese just dont look like insane plays thats why Im tired of playing support i mean I just otp thresh

  6. Türkler bi kafasını çıkarıp bi parmak atsında üstte kalalım 😀 (Kanalıma bi göz atarsanız sevinirim kendi çapımda lol montajları yapmaya çalışıyorum <3)

  7. If you guys are free, please visit my YT channel to watch some of my montages. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe. Thanks


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