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American English and British English are so similar! Wait…but they’re SO DIFFERENT!

In this video you’ll learn to distinguish between American English vs. British English. In order to focus within such a broad topic we’ll examine how to pronounce either and neither. You will learn what’s real (and what’s not!) about how to pronounce these words.

When we talk about American English vs British English accents there’s so much to study! The American English accent and, more broadly, American English pronunciation are my singular expertise. You’ll come along with me as I examine both languages and walk you through the pronunciation of either and neither—two tricky words that work well to spark a broader discussion of American English vs British English.

American vs British has quite the storied history, of course. You won’t get a full history lesson in this video (phew!) but you will get a solid primer on American Pronunciation vs British pronunciation. As you learn to pronounce either and neither you’ll gain insight into the underlying constructs of both languages’ unique sounds. Together, these sounds make up the distinct sounds that even a casual observer quickly picks up on.

You’ll become an expert on the American accent vs. British accent as you work with this video. The in-depth look at the pronunciation of either and neither is followed by a deep-dive into the broad topic of American English vs British English.

I hope you’re able to use the video to increase your own expertise…and to have a lot of fun as you learn!


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  2. It depends on the sentence/context what sounds better, I normally use (i) but the example at 8:00 I would change to use (ai)

  3. Hi Rachel,
    I just came across this informative well done video looking for the difference in meaning but found neither(eR) except that either(Er) the person using it has some sort of English background(second or third generation in America perhaps) while neither(eR) of the other speakers seems close to or have any English roots therefore it is pure AmeRican proper English pronunciation(to the ear of the beholder)….either(eR) way, thank you for such wonderful video.
    Always remember to wash your hands, stay home and stay safe. God bless.

  4. Madam, we can't use two negative word in one sentence( "nor" never come with "nor") , So madam why we use " nor" with "neither". (Technically both are negative word). Please give me the answer


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