Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter : Should You Save Your Money?


Today we are looking at Apples Lighting Digital AV Adapter. I bought this for personal reasons and really wanted to be fully satisfied with the product. Unfortunately what makes the Lighting Digital AV Adapter not as great as it should be is not the Adapter itself, but the restrictions the Apple IOS puts on you when using this device. So should you get it? Watch to learn more
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  1. What are your thoughts on the Lightning Digital AV Adapter? Could this be helpful for your needs or is this a hard pass?

  2. Technically you could use QuickTime Player to do screen captures from your iPhone that goes to your computer. Using this method I was able to get about 60 FPS recording from my iPhone SE

  3. this doesnt work.. i am attached to an old screen monitor with no hdmi and needed an adaptor withthe hdmi and then bought the appl e dangler which is all good but does not show on the monitor

  4. Will the Apple TV app work with the Lighting Digital AV Adapter? I want to watch my movies I purchased on itunes by using the lightning adapter to connect my ipad to my tv. Will that work? Or do they make you buy an apple tv device to do that?

  5. The lag is really obvious, kind of disappointed with a wired HDMI connection. Casting dongle over wifi works quite well, supporting both Airplay and Miracast. Using Miracast on Android seems more stable, Airplay is at the mercy of the app you use: a TV app asked for paid membership and disabled Airplay. I ran the same TV app on Android and casting was no problem, no need for a paid membership either.

  6. I’ve used mine for less than a month and it suddenly stop mirroring my iPhone. TV went blank but the sound came through.

  7. Excellent product and picture is great.ㅋ>     Great buy for the money. The picture quality is superb and has vivid colors. Setup is fast and easy. The focus adjustment is easy. Remote is simple but effective. All included cables is a bonus. Purchased to play movies outdoors.

  8. Hiya! I stream tv all the time. Lately, I’ve purchased a VPN to watch the tv shows I used to watch while living in England. Would this work if I’m watching tv via Safari watching from my ipad pro? Thank you in advance!

  9. I wonder if its better to get 3rd party since it seems cheaply made anyways (or just wears out fast). Amazon had some for 1/2 the price.


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