Cách sử dụng both – either or – neither nor – mỗi ngày 1 cấu trúc cùng Bel Nguyễn


Kênh : “Tự học tiếng Anh giao tiếp” cho những người mới bắt đầu, hoặc mất căn bản tiếng anh, tiếng anh từ con số 0.

“Tự học tiếng Anh giao tiếp” mỗi ngày 1 cấu trúc theo hướng dẫn của “feasibleenglish.net” mong muốn sẽ hỗ trợ và giúp đỡ cho các Bạn mới có thể có được kiến thức nền tảng, để có thể tự học tiếng anh dù là mất căn bản.

Mong rằng, những video sẽ hữu ích và hỗ trợ được phần nào cho các Bạn đang muốn luyện phản xạ anh văn giao tiếp. Và có được lộ trình học giao tiếp một cách cụ thể.

Cảm ơn mọi người đã tham gia và cùng học với Fesible English mỗi ngày 1 cấu trúc.

“when a new day comes, we learn something new”
F/bel Nguyen.

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  1. I have both beauty and talent :v
    The killer want to kill either this man or that girl
    She hate neither English nor Turkish.

  2. 1. I want to sing both My Tam's song and My Linh's song
    2. When I went to Hue city to learn at university, my mother both happy and worry
    3. In this year, I'll try to either find a job or focus on learning english
    4. You can choose either green dress or red dress
    5. I don't want to love both Hung and Lam

  3. 1) i love both romantic books and comedy books
    2) i would like to travel etheir Thai lan or korea.
    3) i dont want netheir to meeting nor talking with him
    4) i hate both noisy anh crowded
    5) i miss both my parents and my sibling
    6) Do you impress etheir this way or one?

  4. I have both a pen and a pencil
    students don't want to school neither Saturday nor sunday
    I like either coffee or milk tea

  5. He is both tired and hungry
    She like both sing and dance
    I dont like to drink either coffe or wine
    They want to buy neither this house nor that car

  6. I am both interesting and enthusiatic when i watch flim about either crocodiles or dinosaurs
    You should buy neither the big house nor the small house for the family
    You should in relationship neither Bell nor that guy

  7. 1.I like neither study nor work
    2. I want to go either school or hospital
    3.i like to buy both computer and iPad

  8. I like both listen to music and watching TV.
    I feel both worry and angry.
    I want to buy either a book bag or a wallet.

  9. It is neither far nor near
    They're neither rich nor poor
    I am both hungry and thisty
    You're both handsome and friendly

  10. She gives birth to both a baby boy and a baby girl. In the waiting room, her family feel both worry and happy.

  11. I don't like both pizza and salad
    I want to read either novel or poem
    I like neither go to school nor go to work

  12. I have both a headache and a sore throat
    I like to travel either by boat or by plane
    I eat neither sour nor bitter
    I like both rose and carnation
    I will live either in the countryside or in the city
    Neither I and my sister all come the party

  13. 1. I buy both a pencil and book.
    2. He wants to learn either English or Chine.
    3. My father wants to eat neither apple nor lemon


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