Connect Pendrive to iPhone / Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter Review! [2020]


Learn how to connect pendrive to iPhone/ iPad using lightning to usb 3 camera adapter made by Apple. I recently purchased this lightning to usb 3 camera adapter for iPhone and iPad and thought of sharing it with you all. Using this iPhone adapter, you can connect USB devices to your iPhone. You can also transfer files from usb to iPhone using this adapter. And this will be very handy if you want to keep your iPhone storage under control. I’m using this using lightning to usb 3 camera adapter since last 2 months to connect pendrive to iPhone & iPad and it is working perfectly fine. If you want to buy one, please use the affiliate links given here which will support the channel. 🤟🏼

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  2. I own iphone SE iOS 12.4 and order a week ago this lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. I change the USB stick to Fat32 and still I do not find into the "File app" as seen into your presentation the USB external stick or as you called "Pendrive.". When I connected the adapter the iphone the Photo camera roll goes open and there is nothing to see associated with the USB stick added to the apple lightning USB 3 adapter. Power was of course connected. The phone is jailbroken, perhaps you known a tweak to get the new adapter working? I'm Dutch, excuses for the not so good English.

  3. 🙏🏻👌👌👌 by using this pendrive connector can I copy my subscribed apple music songs to pendrive

  4. Please do you have any idea i have ipa app for ios can I download to my iphone with your idea 💡 the app ipa not in app store apple any more they delete it

  5. Very cool adapter. I have an adapter similar to that, but mine has two female inputs. One for the power source, and another for my earbuds, so I can charge my battery while listening to tunes off my iPhone 7 Plus. I also have another adapter that plugs into my input on my stereo receiver, so I can take songs from my iPhone and record it onto my reel to reel tape deck after feeding it through my stereo receiver. It’s very cool.


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