Core i3 6100 vs Pentium G4560 with a GTX 1060 – 10 Games Tested


Want to see the fps like me? Download CAM here:
Querés ver los fps como yo? Descargá CAM acá:

Specs at 00:21
Battlefield 1 at 00:39
Just Cause 3 at 02:13
Fallout 4 at 03:04
GTA 5 at 04:29
Hitman at 06:42
The Division at 07:33
Assassin’s Creed Unity at 09:43
The Witcher 3 at 10:48
Rise Of The Tomb Raider at 12:07
Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta at 13:23
Conclusion at 13:23

DigitalFoundry’s video using different ram frequencies:

This is from where I got the G4560:

Recorded with AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme using a different pc to record, no fps hit

Grabado con AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme usando otra pc para grabar esto, no hay diferencia de fps

Intel Core i3 6100 3.7GHz (Intel Stock Cooler)
Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz (Intel Stock Cooler)
8GB RAM DDr4 2133MHz (2x4GB Kingston HyperX Fury)
EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
(Core Clock=1873MHz, Memory Clock=4007MHz)
1TB HDD 7200RPM (Western Digital Blue)
Windows 10 Pro x64
MSI B150M PRO-VDH Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
EVGA 430W Power Supply 80 PLUS White

Music present in the video:
-Anxiously Waiting – Gunnar Johnsén
-Grizzly Bear 2 – Marcus Svedin

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  1. My system:
    windows 10
    Gtx 1060 superclocked edition
    Intel i3-6100
    8gb of ram (7.88 usable)
    And for some reason when I play the game on all low settings and 1280 by 720 I only get around 24 fps and constantly getting drops to 0-5 fps. This makes my game totally unplayable and I expect way more from my rig. Someone please help me resolve my issue and probably others too.
    My gpu drivers are all up to date

  2. please help me my totally confused please choose the my pc processor AMD and Intel Pentium

    Intel Pentium G4560 vs AMD A6-

  3. i3 have 200mhz more on core 😀
    u should test i3 downgrade to 3.5ghz 🙂 toooo
    200mhz more on core is big deference using gtx 1060 6gb

    reason for g4560 ? – 2400 ram ^^ so little better performance ^ 4 me

  4. Hello Santiago, i notice on Just cause 3 both CPU won't contant on 99% gpu usage, it is because of 8GB RAM? if upgrade to 16GB will it fix the problem? thanks

  5. I have a doubt with the RAM issue that you comment at first. If I have a h170n motherboard (supports up to 2133mhz) and buy a 2400mhz memory + activate XMP in the BiOS, will it run at the speed of 2400mhz? Thanks

  6. Hey man, would this 2 go well together?
    – Intel Pentium G4560 2x 3.50GHz So.1151 BOX
    – 4GB MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 4G Aktiv PCIe 3.0 x16 (Retail)

  7. thanks for the benchmark!
    would you recommend the gtx 1060 6gb or rx 480 8gb with this combo?
    i am looking to get the g4560 and upgrade it later on

  8. Wich is the usual temperature on the EVGA 1060? I'm looking for an MSI 1060 3GB of VRAM or a EVGA 1060 6GB of VRAM, I don't want another toaster at 96° so which is better?

  9. im really thinking the only difference i saw was on bf1. rest pretty similar…

    santiago can u do with i3 6098p cpu?


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