Fix "Enter network credentials" on Windows


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If you have a local network, you’re probably sharing files between computers. In order to protect your PC from unauthorized access Windows 10 uses network credentials. This is a decent protection, but several users reported certain issues when asked to enter network credentials on Windows 10.

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  1. Thank you, typing the name of the computer i was trying to access on the username field solved my problem.

  2. This doesn't work. Windows file sharing is by far the most infuriating piece of shit I ever had to deal with. Half the time the network discovery doesn't work and now the stupid POS won't accept my login credentials. I even set them to be identical on both PC's and it still won't accept the login. Keeps saying password or user is incorrect. The only way I can use file sharing is if I disable password security. Kind of a stupid workaround.

  3. No fix for this. Absolutely nothing works of all proposed fixes everywhere on the net.

    One day one of my computers got this message, while the others still could access the one PC which holds the massive storage of all of my old harddrives.

    That happened after an update to Windows 10, the fall update in 2019 for the computer I try to access.

    Note : I still can access it without the "Enter Network Credentials" popup on the other computer.

    Reading by other comments on the net this seems totally unfixable. I won't be able to access anything from now on, without changing to using passwords and setting up totally useless accounts for this.

    It just works for the other computer with Windows 10 access it without passwords or anything. No credentials popping up. And it used to work for this computer too, but now it just doesn't.
    Yes. Everything worked and then suddenly it didn't for just one of the computers (but still on the others)!

    Thanks Microsoft for an unfixable problem!
    This computer is practically useless to access anything in a local network. I have to use external harddrives or USB-sticks to move data to it!

  4. Propaganda for Windows Credentials. Dangerous part of windows 10 – Net is full of people looking for answers to Credentials and you wont find them here

  5. Insufficient Information! This video would be better—for me, anyway—if you had examples in the places for computer name and user name. You say enter "computer name mike" and something about don't put any slashes before computer name. Well, do we put a slash after the computer name. Where's the example. That is very vague, in my estimation. Don't just tell me … Show me! It's frustrating to wrestle with this stuff.

  6. Thank you. Credentials would be reset (left blank) every time a network computer was turned off. So when it was turned back on, I didn't have access to a printer on another computer without re-entering THAT computers' credentials. By going into Credential Manager I was able to fix the problem of my system forgetting windows credentials by deleting an old entry and re-entering the most up-to-date credentials for the computer I wanted to access. THANK YOU!!!!!

  7. great, thanks!

    only, i have no idea why connecting two Windows 10 machines together (a Win10Home desktop and a Win10Pro laptop) via my wireless router was working finely enough without the Credential thing until a week or so ago!?

    is it because of some recent Windows updates from Micro$oft that have had the GDPR issue in mind, thus blocking regular connection between these two machines via the same wireless network?


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