G4560 Vs i3-6100 – How Much Of a Difference is There?


Today I compare the i3-6100 to the G4560 Pentium to see how much there is between the two in terms of FPS for gamers. In the tests I show apples to apples at low settings on three popular games (Battlefield 1, GTA 5 & Crysis 3 @ low settings) in order to stress the CPUs and give you guys a kind of worst case scenario differential between the two, though when it came to 1080p gaming with an rx470 at high settings the difference was hardly noticeable.
All tests were done with the ring ratio 100mhz below max core speed (3500mhz for the pentium g4560, 3700mhz for the i3-6100) & DDR4 memory clocked at 2133mhz @ 13-14-14-36 1T.

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  1. I have the G4560 6th gen on Msi b150m night elf motherboard, with 8gb of ddr4 ram at 2133mhz, a cheap Western Digital Caviar 7,200rpm with 1tb of storage, and a cheap amd radeon 5 230 at 2gb of ddr3 vram, 128 bit version

  2. It is very dissapointing to intel pentenium. I have thinked that the pentenium is best . But the intel core i3 is the best. Intel pentenium contains 1.60 ghz and lntel core i3 contains 2.00 ghz. Winner is 13

  3. I bought a g4560 bundle with motherboard and 8gb ram for like £200 and a gtx 1060 6gb for £300 so it's a £500 little gaming beast not all my games run on max 60fps but high to medium is perfect I really would recommend for a budget pc and if u want 30 fps on max settings it's very possible

  4. Got my g4560 for $47 and h110 motherboard for $43 pre flashed from vendor. Got a 1050ti for $120. Gonna make a nice htpc/gaming system

  5. To be honest I am using my G4560 with 8gb ddr4 2400mhz ram and GTX 1050ti and trust me guys this G4560 pared with 1050ti and 8gb ram can run all current gen games at 60fps this 4560 can even runs Tim Clancy's the division on 40fps at medium settings This little cpu is a power package in a very low cost

  6. Amd athlon x4 is shit, go get Pentium G4560 it's cheaper they say.. and guess what? Pentium cost 30 bucks more in my country..

  7. Im getting a G4560 with the 250 mobo and 16gb of 2133 mhz ddr4 ram, would my 2gb MSI gaming r9 380 GPU be ok with this set up or any suggestions Brian ? thanks

  8. Hello , I am planning on building a budget gaming pc to keep for a few years(3-4) , I was thinking on pairing na i5 7500 with a gtx 1050ti , but It would help my budget alot if I choose the g4560 instead. I play games like cs go , gta v and doom. What is your recommendation?I also might upgrade it after 3 -4 years to a 1060 or 1070.

  9. Its honestly a waste of money. I'm considering buying the G4560 so I can have extra money to spend on my budget build (Strix 1060)


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