How to download Don't Starve with Reign Of Giants DLC for FREE (PC) 2018 WORKING


Hey guys today I’m showing you How to download Don’t Starve with Reign Of Giants DLC for full version for FREE 2018 (PC)

First link (Winrar)

Second link (BitTorrent)

Third link (Don’t starve download)

When you click the third link its on pirate bay now because Kickasstorrents got shut down 🙁 Anyway. Once you click the link…Click GET THIS TORRENT then click ok and it will start downloading 🙂


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  1. This is still one of my biggest videos! the amount of support on this is awesome Im glad to of helped so many of you, and I hope some of yous will stick around;) <3

  2. sir i tried to download some mods and put it to the mods folder. i can see it in the mod options but it is crashed. what should i do?

  3. yes, some of the sites were buggy, but after i used firefox it all worked great. you my good man have earned my sub

  4. Cool video for me it works 😀 THANKS A LOT cuz I was trying to find don't starve for free to install for like 2 years now.And I just want to say thank you form the bottom of my hart you help a lot and I liked your vid And I'm subbed cuz you're cool Thans bro 😀

  5. i did all the steps and want to update it. ive updated the base game but i want to also update reign of giants dlc. do u know any product keys? thanks c:


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