How to Install Lightroom 6 Presets on Mac and PC + Download 2600+ Presets Lightroom


How to Install Lightroom 6 Presets on Mac and PC
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We are going to be looking at how to install Lightroom presets on your PC or Mac. Presets can be bought and then downloaded online, downloaded for free on various online platforms and they can be created. We are not going to be looking at downloading or creating the presets as that is out of the scope of this tutorial.

In this tutorial, I am assuming that you have Lightroom installed, have a program that can unzip compressed files, you have downloaded a zip file with the presets or have preset files available on your computer and that you know how to navigate the folder structure of your computer be it a Mac or a PC. Without further ado, the steps:

1. Open Lightroom and open any image that you have on your computer. This is important because we will be using this image to see if the presets were installed correctly and that they work.

2. Ensure that you have gone to the develop module as shown below. Note that the active module will have white text while the modules that are unselected have grey font color.

3. After you are inside “Develop”, you will see a box of presets on your left as shown below:

This box shows all of the presets that you already have installed in your Lightroom application. This is where the presets you install will be listed.

4. Now we need to go into the folder where you have the zip file of the presets downloaded into. If your presets are not inside a zip file, skip this step. For those who have their presets inside a zip file, extract them to a folder that you can access easily. For those whose presets are already unzipped or were not sipped in the first place, ensure to make note of the folder your presets reside in. Also note that Lightroom presets have an “lrtemplate” file extension

5. Go back to Lightroom and have your cursor hover anywhere inside the grey presets box. Do not left click on anything but rather right click inside this box if you are on PC or hold down command and left click. When you do, this menu will pop up:

Click on new folder, enter the name of the folder where your presets will reside in. When you click create, you will see it added to the left hand side in your list of preset folders.

6. Now right click, on a PC, or hold control and left click, on a mac, on the name of the folder you have just created and left click on import.

Once you do you will be taken to your file explorer where you will need to navigate to the folder where your presets reside.

7. Making sure you are in the right folder inside your file explorer, select all of the presets that you would like to import. After making the selection, click on import.

8. You will now be taken back to Lightroom where, depending on your computer speed, the presets will take a few seconds to be listed inside the folder you crated inside the presets box.

9. After you see the names of the imported presets, it is just a matter of testing these presets using the images we selected in the first step. Click on a name of a preset to apply it.


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