How To Install & Use Presets In Adobe Lightroom CC – Download My Presets For FREE


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  1. Lot of THANK'S. This is good for beginners. Can I get some photos for compering with my photo? Because, i,m confused about exposure.

  2. This tutorial was amazing. Minus the fact I had to download and use WinZip, this was easy and fast! I love the presets and am so thankful! As a beginner, LR CC and Photoshop can be so overwhelming. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Joe, many thanks for explaining in a way newcomers like me can understand how to download and install presets. I also thank you for making your own super-looking presets free for download, best regards, Joe.

  4. Dear Joe,

    I have watched this video and I must honestly admit that I quickly understood how and what to do. You explain how to install your presets. It was quite easy for me to do. I would also like to thank you for downloading your presets for free. I subscribed to your channel and will definitely watch new videos.

    Kind regards from the Netherlands,


  5. Thanks Joe! I'm trying to find how to view what preset I used on an image. I used one of them but don't see it listed in the history so didn't know if there's another way?

  6. Joe, another great video. can you help with a LR problem i have. How do i transfer a set of images along with its LR catalogue to another HDD. So from my macbook to a external HDD to another external HDD. But keeping the LR catalog on the same macbook? does that make sense? So when i travel i use a small 2tb hdd and when i get back from travelling i can transfer to a new hdd location but keeping the LR cat on same mac??? 😶.

  7. Never used pre sets ( I'm too much of a control freak lol ) but you certainly have me thinking I should try them out Joe. I think applying a range of pre sets through trial and error can often take you places in terms of editing you wouldn't originally have considered. My editing is fairly frugal in the main ( most likely due to my lack of LR/PS skills to be honest ), I think using pre sets like yours would push me to experiment more. Thankyou Joe 😃

  8. Are you wanting to learn more about presets in Adobe Lightroom? In this tutorial I will show you how you can download my presets completely free, how to install the presets and how to use them. So do not miss out these amazing presets as they are also used in my Lr retouching tutorials.

    #lightroom #presets #tutorial #photography


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