How to Test Your CPU under Full Load using AIDA64


First time testing a Ryzen 5 2400G CPU under full load, stress testing…This is the Trial Version but once I get the full version I’ll be able to do more testing then before. Let me know what you might like to see… Time Code: Skip ahead to Start Testing Video: 1:18

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  1. i just put some thermal grizzly kryonaut on my cpu. I replaced the very old and probably cheap paste in my dell optiplex. And my temps are around 8c cooler in aida64

  2. I don't think this is working. CPU usage goes to 100% but temperatura remain the same, surely that shouldn't be the case, right? It's supposed to go up

  3. Is it running at full clock? On my i7 8750h and gtx 1060 gpu I got it running with cpu clock only 2.5GHz with cpu temps in 80-85C, while Far Cry 5 makes my cpu run at ~4GHz with temps 90-95. Is there a way to force AIDA64 to run test in full clock? Otherwise, it is not effective.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! I got the same case as you! 😀

    I did the cpu test for 10 minutes. Mostly below 70, but it sometimes tipped to 72 at max.

  5. Just overclocked my cpu and were looking for a good cpu stress test, and i found it in this video
    Thanks man, keep on going

  6. Fpu stress produce more heat and more power consumption than any other stress. Just stress Fpu and nothing else, and you will see real cpu load.

  7. Why Aida64 close to a stress test for ~50 seconds? Temperature under 70c… im sad. :/ Im reinstall aida and nothing…:/


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