I Actually Read SAO! – Basement Book Club (Sword Art Online Progressive)


SAO Progressive reboots Sword Art Online to follow Kirito and Asuna’s adventures through Aincrad floor by floor. Is that change an improvement? I have some thoughts… and so do a lot of you!
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In the depths of his Mother’s Basement, Geoff Thew creates videos analyzing the storytelling techniques of anime and video games. He has been named the number one Worst YouTube Anime Reviewer by The Top Tens.

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  1. Wait do we really not have another book club session still? Someone coulda had a whole damn baby by now but we cant collectively read a light novel. Damn.

  2. It feels weird to be complimenting a guy who's essentially so incompetent at writing him writing a woman as an actual character is an accomplishment and straight up can not help himself in sexualizing her constantly and doing it in ways that are even out of character. Who literally cant write his main character with any competence and relies entirely on the fact the setting used to be unique. Even by anime standards this is bad. This is someone who is aggressively bad at their job. Why even give them the compliment. Any other writer who was even slightly better than this would have been written off as bad and ignored. His main character is literally an underage author insert who has a harem of multiple other underage girls. This would not be acceptable. Why is it acceptable here

  3. Like all things, SAO has potential.
    I personally would've set it further in the future to complement all the other technological bullshit

  4. Why are there so many kiriplushies in the background? They gives me intense fear, I can see the soulless dolls staring into my being, I feel so threatened right now.

  5. Even if Kirito was not a lorehound, this story is being written from two different perspectives. Asuna's third person perspective would be the perfect opportunity to drop in that detail.

    On the other hand, this is a death game, who really cares about the lore when your main focus is surviving. Characters would only care about lore insofar as it helps them survive.

  6. I loveeee SAO PROGRESSIVE! I’m at vol 9 of the main series (the first volume of alicization) but somehow wanna grab Progresive series to reread instead. 🙁

  7. Argo isn't a new character in Progressive. She actually appears in the orginal Light Novel as early as the second Volume.

  8. Only 6 minutes into the video but I just want to say something. He says all this stuff about Kirito's personality talking about how it's not that good but as a 14 year old I can confirm Kirito's personality sounds exactly like how a 14 year old would act.

  9. There was a part about the beta testers being demonized by certain players with personal agendas which i think is going to be a part of the progressive series.

  10. "There should be bow wielders in SAO."
    As a bow wielder in every MMORPG I've ever played, I 100% second this.

    If not bows and arrows (for… reasons?) then at the very least spears, slings (which have been around *forever*), sling shots, etc should exist.

    It always bugged me that SAO went the utterly bizarre route of "ranged weapons = magic" and… it… doesn't? Didn't? Never did. I mean, hell Kirito managed to demonstrate to Kline that you can hurt a monster with a goddamned stone so… ranged weapons clearly should exist but I think Kawahara just wanted neat sword fights and to write about that instead of… actually planning how to run a Boss Raid.

    Man, maybe it's because I'm a writer who has also sunk tons of time into vidya games, but it's so painfully obvious that Reki doesn't, and didn't know how games work. And stuff like forums for WoW existed when he was writing the first LN, and I can promise you not everyone used magic all the time across all MMORPGs that he was lacking for how to write a Raid.

    Late comment is late. I know.

  11. Come on guys, Mother's Basement LOVES the idea, LOVES the premise, especially the trapped in a death game (differently from Log Horizon). It's the idea that caught all of us and still makes SAO famous. He just likes it so much but is so disappointed by the actual EXECUTION of the idea, as much of us are, that he can't let go. I fell you brother.

  12. lol, Argo is in the Fatal Bullet game
    she has been stripped of personality and well…
    Llenn and Co. are still the most interesting characters
    Also, you see so many dead ppl from the stories

  13. Argo was in the one Christmas episode then Kirito never spoke to her again on screen 🙁 Clearly Kirito doesn't need information 😛

  14. Sao was one of my first animes, and although I'm embarrassed about that, it will always have a special place in my heart. I know that it's terrible, but I do love it. Only thing is, I've seen fanfiction with MUCH better writing than the actual sao story.

  15. 19:27 — I understand the whole "Asuna's character is just based around female stereotypes", but I actually do relate to her in just wanting a hot bath or a sweet, so that was nice for me to read cause she felt more personable lol idk though : I do play games and I am a girl so I don't know if that just makes me a stereotype– hold up (-_-)?… no… well everyone is different so maybe it's frustrating to other girls to have us portrayed that way… so what I'm trying to say is that is my opinion! I donut represent obviously… frick idk what im saying ok just dont read this comment ok. (T_T)

  16. I do agree with the whole “fuck the beta testers” issue. I don’t quite agree that it’s all in Kirito’s head, cause the nooblets that did speak out against him were pretty adamant about their beliefs, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they had followers.
    Hell, there could have been a micro-arc where one of the new players just happens to be very good at the game and gets accused of being a tester.

    Honestly, the anime and novels depict all the unnamed and side-characters as absolute jokes. That’s not because they don’t have beta information – they’re all the kind of people who defend DarkSydePhil. They suck ass at SAO and blame the people who don’t.
    I understand the final release was a fair bit harder than the beta, and they have to learn everything from scratch compared to the people who already know the first 8 floors. But even the beta testers made common sense mistakes, like Coper in the Early & Late chapter “First Day”, by trying to use the «Hiding» skill against enemies without eyes.
    On the noob side, Kibaou seems to outright refuse to accept that MMOs do not necessarily mean that the players ALWAYS have to work as a team – a team he always insists on leading. He has to do things for himself, not rely on other people to give him what he needs. You know, like how to play the fucking game.
    In a more innocent noob moment, though still incredibly retarded, Sachi looks away from the enemy in front of her AS IT READIES THE FATAL BLOW. There was no excuse for how she died, it wasn’t “a tragedy” or “sad”, she was just stupid. She completely violated common sense (beyond simply a panic response), just to gesture to Kirito when he was completely fine. I do like Sachi, but I would have liked the way she died to have been more believable. If I was there and saw Kirito losing it over her, I would have slapped the little shit across his face and told him to move on, that she wasn’t worth his time.

  17. Just to throw this out there because it makes the fanservice make even less sense, and indeed the entire premise of SAO make less sense…why does everyone look like themselves? Like sure it's to remove anonymity and make people feel powerless and self-aware, but like…it can only presume so much about their body. And yet…even in original SAO…there's a way to turn on NSFW mode…but that's only accessible when Kirito and Asuna are about to bang and has never come up before so shouldn't every model at the very least be like a ken/barbie doll and while sure that can still provide an alluring silhouette for the horndogs it makes you less prone to giving a shit if you're naked, especially after a year. Like…it just all seems very off logically and can only be explained by the author being a horny bastard who forgets his own plot points.

  18. >Eyerolling about a NEET having a sexist thought about female MMO players
    This person can shut the fuck up and never write a cohesive thought again that'd be GREAT. Sorry but negative attributes are part of having character depth too even if you don't like said negative attribute for your own social reasonings.

  19. I really liked this format Jeff. As I have recently read through all of Arifureta, I would love to do something like this for the first and maybe second volume. It’s really unfortunate how bad the anime was.

  20. if i was to read Sword Art Online Progressive were would the aincard arc stop and move on to the alo arc start

  21. I didn't know what Progressive was until my 88 year old Grandmother came over and gave me a volume. She said she chose it over other SAO novels because she researched and discovered it was a decent rewrite of a series she knows I dislike. Just thought that was a cool thing I'd share.
    Haven't read it yet because I have a lot of books I'm behind on and Fallout and Fire Emblem are currently absorbing my life, but after watching this, I'm definitely gonna give a go very soon.

  22. Is it just me or did anyone else lose their shit at around 25:00 where Zoe mentioned the bath scene being there for the "beaters"

  23. I mean sao season 2 does play around with the idea of escaping to a virtual world to be an ideal version of yourself with Sinon. A better writer did explore that a bit more as well with sao alternative the main character doesn’t like being tall so goes through multiple games looking to be a short character (I’m sure it probably goes deeper than that but I didn’t watch it). And yeah the way sao is setup just about anyone could write a story within the universe. The whole SEED project thing after all.

  24. But the real question is, will you open yourself up for this kind of content with the ultimate expression of weebdom… fanfiction.

  25. To be fair, a blank slate character can be interesting, but it actually needs to effect the plot. They need to be a synthetic human that was recently created and downloaded with some language files. Amnesia won't work as there is a bit more to personality than memory- the state of your organs, your bioflora, the way your brain alters it's structures in reaction to experiences, and genetics of course. It could be a being constructed by whatever magical forces are in the setting, or an AI created simply with the purpose of being sentient, without any desires, personalities, or additional functions that it is told it must achieve.

     It's not only the audience who are projecting themselves onto them, but the other characters. Their behavior could change to absurd levels due to other people's influence and events over the course of the story. In more magical settings, they could suddenly gain new traits and even abilities when in the presence of other people or creatures, and lose them when out of those peoples' presence.
    If you are into astrology, you could have the character suddenly change moment to moment to match the current horoscope.

  26. as I saw it the discrimination was about to start, but he stopped it right at the start by canalisazing their anger toward himself

  27. If i'm not mistaken Asuna sewed the panties her self and didn't buy them.
    I don't remember much been a few years since i read the volume


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