Lee Min-ho finds Kim Go-eun in a parallel world | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 1 [ENG SUB]


Fairy tales weren’t lying when they said Prince Charming would appear on a white horse 😍

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  1. They have no chemistry worst pairing ive seen so far for lee ming ho and he always has chemistry. I dont really like this actress i dont think shes a good actress its like you know shes acting it just doesnt feel natural.

  2. For the love of Kim Go Eun I subscribed in Netflix because I can't wait another day to watch this drama in kissasian or dramanices with english sub. 😀😂😍

  3. Sorry I don't know why I'm not feeling Kim Go Eun for this part. Parang di sila bagay ni Lee Min Ho 🙁 pero I will watch this mukhang maganda naman ang plot.

  4. Well I'm still a bit confused, but I'm almost there
    As lmh said in the presscon that he himself quite confused at first reading the script
    Cant just wait for the 3rd ep

  5. I don’t think KGE can form any chemistry with anyone as much as with dokkebi, hit me. (maybe I’ll regret saying this afterward but …welp…)

  6. It's been so long lee min ho oppa😭
    And this Ost made me asdghjk https://youtu.be/QBLpIdZFTgE u guys have to listen this

  7. Minho is so beautiful, handsome, gorgeous 😍❤ Charming waiting for his comeback was all I had been waiting. watching this kdrama because my Prince is the main actor . 💜


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