The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) Official Trailer – Clint Eastwood Western Movie HD


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The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) Official Trailer – Clint Eastwood Western Movie HD

A Missouri farmer joins a Confederate guerrilla unit and winds up on the run from the Union soldiers who murdered his family.

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  1. One of the best Clint Eastwood westerns ever. The storyline was especially good in this one. But then again, all Clint's movies are awesome, western or not. He's as amazing as amazing gets, period. I always find myself going back and watching Play Misty several times a year. Great man, great actor, great director.

  2. Somebody should've told all these idiots that had the chance to shoot him – to listen to Tuco !

    "When you have to shoot – shoot – don't talk !"

  3. Somebody would actually pay for this. Its a great movie !!! seen it 200 times ! Crazy. Guess some folks dont know what to do with money.

  4. Best Eastwood non spaghetti western! Great story with action drama and comedy! Plus all the familiar Malpaso character actors!

  5. I am from Clay County, Missouri..home of Jesse James ( a murderous outlaw) majority numbers..remained loyal to the Federal union. No matter what a few 'rump' legislators in Neosho declared, MO did NOT secede from the union.

  6. dumbest trailer ive seen, full of spoilers, ive seen the movie and it was great, im glad i havent seen this before

  7. Ghubonriwis Aomrosi Laueodoa inkomyoeowi Srsoneo momtpsis limtoroo fadtkmrod.. not mrofos SOMDOF BUBONE HAA ONSIS..🎲🉑📣💸💸🎟️🎟️💴💱💸🈲💴🈳

  8. The greatest Western in the history of cinema bar none. Clint Eastwood truly made the character Josey Wales what is. A simple farmer whoose family was murdered drives him beyond the breaking point of revenge. Nothing glamorous here. The wild west is a brutal and ugly place.

  9. Many people say the best Eastwood's western movie is Unforgiven. Sorry, but for me, The Outlaw Josey Wales remains the best although I like very much Unforgiven.

  10. This trailer is more dramatic than the movie itself, especially with the music lol, gives it a dark feeling despite the fact the movie has a lot of light hearted jokey scenes. still an marvelous movie nonetheless

  11. 01:13
    – You're wanted Wales..
    – You a bounty hunter?
    – A man's gotta do something for a livin these days..
    – Dyin ain't much of a livin boa…
    One of the best movie lines ever..


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