The Outlaw Josey Wales – Trailer


As The Outlaw Josey Wales, four-time Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood is ideally cast as a hard-hitting, fast-drawing loner, recalling his “Man with No Name” from his European Westerns. But unlike that other mythic outlaw, Josey Wales has a name — and a heart. After avenging his family’s brutal murder, Wales is on the lam, pursued by a pack of killers. He travels alone, but a ragtag group of outcasts (including Sondra Locke and Chief Dan George) is drawn to him — and Wales can’t leave his motley surrogate family unprotected. Eastwood’s skills before and behind the camera connected with audiences for its humor and tenderness as well as its hair-trigger action. #Trailer #WB


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  1. This western is best western along with Unforgiven. Let not this trailer fool u to believe this movie is awkward coz i agree this trailer is SUPER AWKWARD while the movie is just SUPER not awkward except the beginning which is a little awkward probably coz Clint is poor acting anything else but tough incarnated but after that he gets to act what he is best at


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