Watch Live: New York Governor Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing


Watch live coverage as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a coronavirus briefing.

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Watch live: New York Governor Cuomo holds coronavirus briefing


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  1. Think about why NY has so many tests? Because you didn't respond at the very beginning and thus cause so many infections. This didn't happen in CA and WA because their governors did the right things at the beginning.

  2. From the UK. My Government initially had a policy of heard immunity – until the death projections from an exponential growth curve became a bit embarrassing. Boris Jonson our Prime Minister (Mini Trump) boasted about shaking hands with Corvid patients in hospital and has just been released from Intensive care he put the cabinet and his pregnant fiancee at risk – your decisions have consequences… learn from other peoples experience and get a head start on controlling this global pandemic – has nothing to do with politics….

  3. looking in from Scotland. Watching Trump causes me to despair and feel sorry for Americans. Watching Como restores my hope for america and helps me understand what is happening hear in Scotland, we are in a very similar situation. By the way, Scientists in Oxford U.K. are very optimisdtic that a vaccine could begin to be available by September, and wildly available ( including for you) by the end of the year.

  4. Stay save! I believe, people all over the world are thinking of you. It's a terrible situation. Warm regards from Germany.

  5. Wow the americans are gonna hit 1 millions of infected soon, and probably 60k deaths.. wow you are always first place in all eh!!

  6. For the mask and gowns, they aren’t listening to the sewing factories in how to make the masks and gowns in a quicker and more efficient way. I have a friend who I spoke to yesterday who said she can make 2000 gowns a week but because they city officials require her and her sewers to make it the way they dictate l, she is only able to make 600-1000 a week. This seems counterproductive and I want to know why? Can Governor Cuomo look into it?

  7. Track and trace is an impossible task with no infrastructure, trained staff, and no money to do it with. It would take govt 2 years to put the infrastructure and experienced staff in place JUST to even BEGIN this expensive endeavor!!!


  9. I never listen to Andrew’s brief before, when I listen to this one, it is really impressive. It is more like a presentation from a knowledgeable person, it is logic, facts based, and solution driven. I really felt shamed for current president lagging so much behind those governors.

  10. i watch Cuomo everyday. The only people who cares about that dumbo in WH are the journalists who have to sit through that crap..

  11. now we are learning the Wuhan Virus Lab is next door to the manufacturer of trump branded neck ties imported into the Port of New York

  12. "keep the politics out of it, it's no time for politics" A house divided against itself, the house cannot stand" This is NO time and NO place for division….the UNITED states….."Unity is key!" Illinois respects your tact, intelligence, clarity and work that you do for the people!

  13. To the Governors of the United States

    We the People of the USA need Food to be available in our Grocery Stores!

    We the People of the USA need that food to be Affordable!

    During a State of Emergency it is Illegal to raise prices for basic food more than 10%

    Yet Eggs for example have gone up
    75% in 1 Month!

    Rationing (limits)
    have been set at grocery stores,
    and Still Basic food runs out.
    grocery stores say they aren't getting enough supplies.
    And food is becoming more and more unaffordable as prices go up for basic food.

    Why is it that there is not enough food for the People of the USA:

    Because Farmers are being ordered by business and government to Destroy our food supplies.

    Milk is being dumped,
    eggs are being smashed,
    crops are being buried!!!

    We are told to Stay at Home.
    But that means we Eat at Home.

    It is wrong to destroy food.
    It is Evil to Ration Food and raise prices beyond many peoples ability to afford it, because it is being Destroyed !

    Food that would normally go to restaurants, schools, exports, should easily be able to be rerouted to the People of the USA through grocery stores.

    If a car factory can be converted to make ventilators in 3 days,
    Food factories and supply systems can be convert to route food to grocery stores where the USA is now getting 90% of its food supply.

    The Governors of the States need to
    and ensure that it is available to the people of the USA,
    and at Affordable Prices!

    Destroying our Food Supply out of GREED is Evil!!

    Destroying our Food Supply during a pandemic is EVIL!

  14. So you fight capitalism every step of the way, then you blame the federal government for not allowing capitalism to work in the medical industry? Bravo Governor Nipple Rings!!

  15. What a great opportunity to reshape our economy and start becoming more self reliant as a country producing and manufacturing USA made. Keep up doing your part ya'll. Good job!

  16. Trump says outrageous coments but as soon as he notices that was wrong then he changes his tume to please the states he is trying to win over. Trump only cares about himself

  17. I'm not American but have started watching trump, he scares me, I really do worry for you lot over there, it's like watching a car crash. but when I watch NY governor he's sensible, down to earth. Precise . Seems to know his business and to really care about his people. Maybe he should run for the top job.

  18. I plan to write in Coumo name in the election for President. It's legal and I believe Americans would be better off doing that than vote for the choices we have in the election ballot. Coumo is already able to effectively communicate with us and he seems to be a great leader. He also has no problem facing and defending the people of NYS to our president so I would think he will do the same as a president for all Americans. You can tell that Governor Coumo loves the people of NYS and will do the same as a President. The man has great compassion and I don't see this in Trump. Trump makes chills run up my spine and seemed to encourage protest. The election and voters are more important to Trump than what appears to be for lives and safety of Americans. One minute he tells us the federal government is going to take care of the economy, Small Business, Medical Staff, Americans, unemployment, the elderly and next briefing is like, each governor is supposed to figure out how to test everyone when they don't even have the authority to order internationaly. Everyone that wants to be tested can Trump claims but we all know it can not be done without the federal government involvement. He should of closed the borders in December. The front line should of been a major priority from day one. He has failed us as a President by not closing American borders and he has not done a very good job protecting Medical Staff. He only cares about one thing a second term. He only charged his time when he is losing possible votes. Yeah the stimulous check will help but it not enough to Carry most Americans to the end. Funds will be depleted fast, them what? Those who love y NYS Governor Coumo, do us all a favor and write his name on your ballot. I think that is our best route to go.


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