Why use a genuine Lightning to USB adapter?


Check out the links below to pick up the Lightning to USB 3 adapter. 👇👇👇


In this video, I explain why I use and recommend the genuine Apple Lightning to USB 3 adapter, and what benefits there are over a third party or aftermarket adapter.

The Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter may cost more than other adapters, but in my experience you definitely get what you pay for. The genuine adapter has some significant advantages over using a cheaper version, which are:

1. Reliability – it works first time and every time, and won’t cut out half way through a recording

2. Quality – the plastic used is high quality and the connectors are reinforced to prevent cables being exposed and fraying

3. Support – if something goes wrong, you’re covered by Apple’s warranty and support

4. Power – the additional lightning port allows you to power up your iPhone or iPad and provide additional power for some devices

5. Cost – considering you have probably spent several hundred, if not thousands, on your audio gear, spending a little more for something that will work and last a long time may be worthwhile

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  1. Check out http://studiolivetoday.com/gear to check out the gear mentioned in this video, or use the links below to pick up the Lightning to USB 3 adapter. 👇👇👇

    US: https://amzn.to/2IgxWqW

    CA: https://amzn.to/2Zfs6LE

    UK: https://amzn.to/2D8lt4k

    DE: https://amzn.to/2v2jBW8

    IT: https://amzn.to/2D9n75N

    ES: https://amzn.to/2Ua1iZf

  2. Love your videos! So helpful. My issue is I am trying to go into GarageBand on an iPad mini 2 from the Yamaha Reface YC to get a piano sound. The Reface is USB B 2.0 out, and I cannot find any Apple adapters that are this kind of USB. So I ordered a cable on eBay whose description reads "Lightning to Type-B MIDI Keyboard Converter USB 2.0 Cable for iPhone iPad X iPad," and praying it works. I wouldn't mind spending the money if Apple had something like this. But I didn't really want to have to buy a new cable and an adapter. Any thoughts or suggestions? USB-B 2.0 seems pretty obscure, though I just bought the keyboard new less than a year ago…

  3. The adapter works perfectly!! I’m using an old iPad with 9.3 iOS, an m-audio keystation 61es. I use simple piano on the iPad. Thanks Pete Johns!

  4. according to Apple the "Lightning to usb 3" will transfer at usb 3 speeds (with ipad pro for example). The "Lightning to usb" (the one without the lightning socket for charging) is stated by Apple as usb.
    So the smaller adapter is usb whilst the larger adapter is usb3. So according to Apple there is more differences between the two adapters than size and the ability to charge. Thumbs up for the video. thanks

  5. Spend the money up front and you spend less overall. If you look after it, it will last for years!

  6. Don't buy unauthorized cables they will damage your battery to the point it won't hold a charge always buy certified cables they can be expensive but is it worth getting your phone fried from a faulty cable?.

  7. I don't think the apple adapter is going to last years. your regular charging cables don't last years. they wear. they break.

  8. Pete i swear that you have cornered the market on the Lightning to USB adapater videos on youtube.
    There must be a better / cheaper way though. Can you go straight USB Hub to lightning WITHOUT the adapater?

  9. Is that an "M-Audio Keystation 61 es" that you have on the back ? Does it connect MIDI well with your ipad using the Lightning to USB adapter ?

  10. nah don't get conned. there are some good copies out there. apple adaptors 5 times as much? wow EVEN if one buys 2 copies its still a lot cheaper and the ODDS are both are unlikely to fail.

  11. Ik I’m late but can you reply to my question I’m buying a 3rd party one but it says it only supports 100 mah is the enough to powers usb mic and if not can I connect a lightning cord https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/382839133459

  12. I couldn’t find anything that was real we bought so much and they were all fake until today thank you

  13. I have that Apple adapter and I’m now having to order a extender male to female lightning cable for it because it stopped working correctly. It’s super sensitive so anytime I move my iPad my Apple lightning adapter will freeze my streams.

  14. Questions❓I’m in the market, and I understand USB C will dominate from now on til atleast 5 plus years according to some sources so I’d like to not invest in anymore lightning products even know i do need some. I see comments from just 3 months ago, are they still blocking knockoff’s and updating Lightning firmware? Is there a chip in the aftermarket ones (lightning to USB A)? This is what I figured with apple, they gotta tax your ass for the privilege! I would love if there was a universal hub maybe with a USB A (preferably 10GBs+ w/power) port so I could just change the damn cord so long as one end is still USB A and fits in the hub’s port so to make it universal across all USB head’s and functional to all OS’s.

    Does this exist? Does it exist with power? I seen somethings online but I couldn’t be sure if for instance the hub would be recognized like in this situation by IPad Air 2 iOS even if it fits in lightning port because of these “chips” hidden inside of these OTG/Dongles/Hubs w/e? Another option I seen was a little adapter USB C head that went over Lightning? Does that also have a chip?
    🤗Thank You for making this video I’ve been procrastinating and you formed the question so well in the title.👍🏻

  15. Pete first of all thank you for your videos. All your videos answered my questions. Friendly Regards from Istanbul.

  16. Are you familiar with the USB c to USB adaptor – can it be used to connect a usb memory stick to i pad pro 11 given it doesn’t have means to charge/power the i pad at the same time. Wondering if it will show the same warning as lightning adaptors which don’t have the power socket.

  17. Don't buy the genuine USB adapter, even that one won't work anymore with the new IOS, search the internet and look for yourself. Apple products are scam, you pay too much for a genuine product.

  18. You were right. Same cord seemingly, I think I bought from Staples. Did not work with 3 different devices. New cord from Apple store, works with every device.

  19. My frustration with this lies in the fact that Amazon NEVER has it in stock! It Always says "currently unavailable." Can you provide a link to Apple, so I can buy it directly from Apple, please?

  20. Kind of sad to say that I hadn’t yet subscribed, or if I had, I had accidentally I unsubbed, you’ve helped me build my home studio, discover my passion for music, and continue to update the community with the newest, and most affordable, equipment, as well as provide insight into the products themselves. Much love man! Re-subbed and not going anywhere, if I ever win anything, YOU BEST BET you’re getting a shoutout on stage mate 💪🏼💯 Prayers for yours and your families health and well-being in the new year!

  21. Have you ever used a line 6 Sonic Court with the Apple camera adapter lightning port? I bought a line 6 sonic for about a year and a half ago, and with the new Apple update it hasn’t been working with my iPhone and I just bought.

  22. I am from India and I am unable to find this adaptor please help. I have searched everywhere but that didn't work


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