Window of Life | Stream Compilation (1)


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Update: I have been asked why there hasn’t been a second version of this, to which I will explain why here.

Since the fox interview, not *a lot* has happened on stream which has been worth clipping and saving, and from the past few days the stream has basically been dead. I still have a few videos which were from after this was uploaded, but there are not too many and making a complication may not be worth it. If anything interesting does not happen in the mean time, I’m going to go ahead and create it anyway since I don’t want these videos wasting away on my hard drive. Thank you for understanding.

Stream compilation of some notable moments during the stream.

With the stream always going on, more will be on the way. Also, All streams will be archived at:

All content belongs to their rightful owners.


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  1. That dude did have a point about how bad everything is and we are all stuck in this together. It's unfortunate things are this way. Crazy stuff to witness

  2. The window of life MUST Be STOPPED! It has caused my wife to leave me for some rapper and my daughter is now a stripper. All because of the window. This window must END. It’s gone on long enough

  3. whoever donated fuck the police by nwa during the cop with the karen part is a fucking legend 😂😂😂😂😂


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